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Bingham Group Services Corp. (“BGS”) is Canada’s leading Third Party Administrator (“TPA”) and Managing General Agent (“MGA”) in the business of creating, marketing and administering group creditor insurance products (including, mortgage insurance products).

BGS has a distribution network that stretches across the Country with a substantial presence in each and every Province. BGS employs industry leading, best practices standards in respect of administration and regulatory compliance.

BGS enjoys the dominant position in the heavy truck and equipment space (with over 1100 dealer relationships), the leading position in the small-mid cap equipment leasing space and a strong position in the mortgage insurance space. We protect billions of dollars of mortgage lending with a unique "no question, guaranteed issue" mortgage insurance product. Nobody is declined. There is no other product like it in Canada.

All of our products and programs are supported by a "state-of-the-art", internet based, delivery system that is easy to use and ensures that our Partners' clientele remain their own.

BGS assists and supports its Partners in assessing and monetizing their "books of business" at NO RISK and NO COST to its Partner(s). And, in doing so, we put our Partners into the most lucrative side of the financial products market... "This is very good and profitable business."

BGS has a unique level of sophistication, flexibility and skill-sets that have enabled us to expand our reach into additional market spaces. Our Partners represent a broad swath of the financial, manufacturing and retail market spaces and we are constantly on the watch as to how we can add to this list. We are able to do so because we deliver value to our Partners.